SMRTL has developed customized reporting for each client to ensure timely, accurate and confidential reporting of results. SMRTL currently reports results via:

  • Clients’ secure web portal—many clients have their own secure web portal and format for reporting results. SMRTL uploads results in standardized format and real time to these portals for ease of client use.
  • ADAMS—USADA and other WADA Code signatory clients use the Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS) portal to access results. This system provides a standardized format for all WADA labs to report their results. ADAMS was started in 2005 and continues to evolve as a major reporting tool.
  • SMRTL Secure Web Portal—many of our clients prefer to use our state of the art secure web portal for obtaining their reports. In addition to viewing test results, clients may obtain quantification of certain results, real time information on the status of samples and turnaround time performance.
  • Other Client-specific methods—occasionally our clients need special handling of samples requiring rapid turnaround and other unique steps. These results may often be reported directly in order to expedite the process.