As an independent laboratory with a strong client service focus we can offer pricing for our services that is competitive with other laboratories.  We also provide innovative financial terms that permit our clients to operate within fixed budgets.  Our pricing varies according to the following drug policy characteristics:

  • Volume—higher volume permits us to pass along the economies of scale associated with declining marginal costs.
  • Predictability—our ability to match staffing to demand improves the efficiency of our testing.
  • Turnaround Time—all clients want rapid turnaround of results—a strong element of our client service focus.  However, reporting speed needs to match the need for scientific integrity and the willingness of clients to pay for it.
  • Panel—our clients have a broad range of banned substances, from the expansive WADA In-Competition panel to the more basic drugs of abuse testing by other clients. 
  • Pricing options—SMRTL has used several innovative pricing and billing options in order to work with clients’ budget and cash management constraints.

Contact us directly to discuss your drug testing parameters and pricing factors.